World Famous Stadium, Refurbished While Hosting Events

Stadium builders nowadays often put the fan experience first, so the cost of taking a stadium from zero to completion often runs into billions of dollars. In terms of increasing the capacity and functionality of the stadium, it has improved its own appeal. This is why many arenas are now opting to retrofit existing buildings, thereby reducing overall costs. However, these projects require complex engineering to attract long-term fans and keep them satisfied, as well as hosting events and games during construction. However, these projects often prove to be more complex than new projects such as redesigning iconic football stadiums, installing large rooms in tennis courts and preparing for the super bowl, which will cost millions of dollars to upgrade.

Spain’s revered santiago bernabeu stadium has been the home of real madrid since 1947. Now, it is undergoing a $650 million renovation. While the arena’s 81,000-seat capacity remains the same, the four-year renovation will wrap the entire structure in a layer of steel straps, creating a surface projection as a night-time attraction. There will also be a new, fully retractable roof, a 360-degree video scoreboard and significant improvements to the surrounding streets and cityscape. As the stadium continues to host matches, the real madrid president says the improved venue will be the best stadium in the world.

Argentina’s le bonbon era is an old and widely regarded as one of the world’s most iconic football stadiums, home to junior football club bok since it first opened in 1940. The stadium has adapted and expanded over the decades in order to establish a new standard, and a $70 million plan is underway to increase his spectator capacity from 57,000 to 70,000. The expansion entails the acquisition of 19 plots of land adjacent to the ground and the construction of a new road tunnel through the stadium. Other changes to the venue’s exterior were minimised in an effort to preserve its heritage.

The mercedes-benz superdome in new orleans, which will host the super bowl in 2020, will now receive a $450 million renovation. To improve the fan experience, the scheme replaces the existing ramp system with three new heart rooms at the new venue level and creates standing room only areas. The construction work is being carried out in phases so that the arena can continue to host matches, concerts and other events during the upgrade.World Famous Stadium, Refurbished While Hosting Events

The stade roland garros is the main venue for the french open and philippe shadrick court is now coming to the end of a $400 million upgrade. The famous stadium with its clay core structure was partially demolished and rebuilt during the 2018 and 2019 seasons, adding a capacity of 2,500 seats and preparing the stadium for the installation of a retractable roof during the 2019 and 2020 world cups. Made up of 11 trusses, each weighing 330 tonnes, the main components of the roof structure were manufactured over a two-year period near venice and then shipped to paris to be installed on the roof. It is now complete and is being tested. The arena was originally to be the venue for the 2020 french open, although the event has since been postponed.

Twenty years after the 2000 summer olympics, plans to redesign the anz stadium in sydney were put on hold. Originally planned as a $550 million investment in major works to improve the intimacy of the venue, events in the early 2020s led to the project being cancelled and the funds being prioritised elsewhere. Although the economic future of the $156 million refurbishment of the 20-year-old melbourne marvel stadium remains uncertain, the refurbishment work has been confirmed and will continue. The 56,000-seat arena will be upgraded to include a new waterside hotel and a rooftop bar. Its wings will be extended and the surrounding public areas will be improved to enhance the overall fan experience.

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