Which Oddball Stadium Appeals To You The Most?

Human intelligence has unlimited creative space, sports fans often have many standards and requirements for sports venues, but these rules and regulations can not be framed human whims, look at what these brainstormers have built some strange?

Don’t you feel that the construction of these sports fields is amazing? If you are interested in the construction of sports fields, please check out our other section: Sports Arena ConstructionWhich Oddball Stadium Appeals To You The Most

Dutch field soccer field

The netherlands is a low-lying country, a large area of the country is below sea level, the spanish artist medel lopez to adapt to the local situation in the countryside on the water fields built a soccer field, and held a game called “Polder cup” Here, the game field looks potholes, uneven, the most bizarre is that there will be a variety of river ditch through the playing field, if you are not careful will kick the ball into the ditch, you have to take a fishing net to get the ball up, the game i’m afraid the time to pick up the ball can account for half, the interesting thing is that if you are tired of playing soccer, you can also sit in the creek to relax in a boat.

Slovakia can run the train course

Slovak amateur team tj tatran ierny balog team’s home field has a track built in the middle of the stands and the stadium, the game may have a train passing through here, this odd design obviously makes the game very interesting. A fan uploaded a video of the train passing by the stadium to social media sites, which attracted a lot of attention and even foreign media reported the story. Such a life-like stadium also adds a different style to soccer, but when the ball goes out of bounds, i’m afraid not many people dare to go to the side of the field to pick up the ball.Which Oddball Stadium Appeals To You The Most

Singapore maria bay stadium

The most peculiar thing about this stadium is that it floats directly on the water, known as the “Marina bay floating stage” In singapore, the stadium is 120 meters long and 83 meters wide, the entire stadium platform is made of steel, which can withstand 1070 tons of weight, the shore the stands can accommodate about 30,000 spectators, where in addition to soccer matches, there are usually concerts, operas and other cultural and artistic performances staged here, is currently the world’s largest floating stage is also the world’s largest floating soccer field.

England gillingham team home field

When it comes to a team’s “Devil’s home stadium”, it is easy to associate it with the frenetic atmosphere and neat cheering of the home fans, but for visiting fans of england gillingham, the home stadium here is the real “Devil’s home stadium”. The reason is that the stadium has a history of 120 years, after many renovations, still retains a “Tradition” Is not to install a roof for the visiting fans stands, once the storm or the sun, the visiting fans have to cheer for the team in extreme weather, more bizarre is that the stadium also did not build for the visiting fans the stadium is also rated by the british media as the worst stadium in england.Which Oddball Stadium Appeals To You The Most

The stadium on the roof of tokyu department store in tokyo

Fans who are keen on shopping in japan will be impressed by the famous tokyu department store in tokyo, but what many people don’t expect is that the shopping mall also has a mini soccer pitch on the roof of the building, which was opened to the public in 2001, but if you want to come here to play football you have to watch yourself.

The stadium was opened to the public in 2001, but if you want to play here, you have to watch your wallet, registered member teams charge $54 per hour, other teams charge $86 per hour, and in peak hours every half hour charge is as high as $205.

Heathfield stadium, switzerland

Switzerland’s heathfield stadium is the highest stadium in europe, reaching 2,000 meters above sea level, where you can play soccer not only to exercise, but also to see the beautiful scenery of the alps, which is also a pleasure, but here to play soccer never

Don’t play here with a big foot, in case the ball falls down the valley, there is no one to help you pick up the ball.Which Oddball Stadium Appeals To You The Most

Gibraltar victoria stadium

The victoria stadium is located on the edge of the world-famous “Giant rock of gibraltar”. Although gibraltar has joined uefa for the official competition, the stadium can only accommodate 5,000 spectators, which does not meet the requirements of uefa, so gibraltar has to move the stadium to the algarve in portugal.

Braga municipal stadium, portugal

Braga municipal stadium is the home stadium of portuguese premier league team braga. The stadium is surrounded by mountains on two sides and was built by digging directly into the mountain pass.

Faroe islands eidi stadium

The faroe islands, located in the north atlantic ocean under the control of denmark, is limited by the rocky geology, and most of the stadiums here are located close to the sea. The eidi stadium is adjacent to the atlantic coastline, cold and windy. If you kick the ball away, don’t worry, there are also kayaks set up for players to pick up the ball from the outer waters of the stadium.Which Oddball Stadium Appeals To You The Most

Ukraine tilted pitch

Remember the joke that the only way for the chinese team to win is to attack from top to bottom on an inclined soccer field? However, in ukraine, there is really such a tilted pitch, attacking or defending? It’s better not to let yourself roll around on the pitch just yet. Of course, driving on such a road is not a good thing for drivers.

Dubai sky tennis court

The tycoons played their own talent, in order to show their difference, they actually went up to the sky to build the world’s highest tennis court, 300 meters high, in the world’s first 7-star hotel roof, of course, only the brave people rushed up to it, look so scared. But also quite exciting, the ball player seems to go to try the next.

Dubai underwater tennis court

In the air alone that is not possible, but also to occupy the underwater. Dubai came up with the idea of an underwater court to build an “Underwater tennis court” Between the burj al arab hotel and the palm islands. Think about watching the ball while watching the fish, a ball to drive away a group of fish is also a bit interesting. However, do not come with dense phobia … …

Middle east desert tennis courts

During the 2008 doha open, ivanovic and dementieva faced off on a desert tennis court. The people of the middle east really know how to play and make good use of their resources.

Germany 3d basketball court

This special 3d basketball court is located in munich, germany, it is designed by a computer program, the entire field of the ground are undulating. To further increase the difficulty of playing, the designers also put the lamp post in the center of the court. Playing basketball on such a special court is certainly something interesting.” A look at people dizzy, how to play ball ah?” And kobe here to play a game, maybe you can beat him with a bang.

Irregular basketball court in croatia

Located in the old town town of dubrovnik, croatia, this court is in a slightly more arduous environment, the court surface is not flat and crucially incomplete, it’s a trapezoid! Virgo players must not come! It’s going to drive ocd to death. What’s worse is that it’s a dual-use soccer and basketball field… …

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