Various Sports Field Flooring Materials

A good sports ground can meet the requirements of friction, protection, marking, color, reflection and other characteristics needed for sports events. The sports ground layer is an important part of a sports facility, and it affects the ability of the facility to host events. Various types of sports field surface layers can be selected according to the level of sports events, the degree of applicability, the level of investment, and the owner’s long-term planning trends for the facility.

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Plastic runway

The material is a two-layer polyurethane runway system. The base layer is black environmentally friendly rubber granules mixed with polyurethane resin bonding, and the surface layer is epdm rubber granules mixed with polyurethane (no obvious granularity on the surface), the material has excellent breathable and hydrophobic performance, so it does not have high requirements for the foundation, and the service life is more than 8 years.

Floating floor

M-type suspended floor, suspended parquet sports floor is a new type of healthy and environmentally friendly sports floor, basketball, tennis, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, indoor soccer field, handball, gymnasium, kindergarten, recreation square, park, elderly activity places, etc., only flat cement or asphalt ground can be used to lay.

Simple paving and easy maintenance

Installation without any tools and materials, maintenance only requires water flushing.Various Sports Field Flooring Materials

Green, environmentally friendly, safe and sanitary

The main material is food-grade environmental protection material polypropylene (pp), non-toxic, tasteless, waterproof and moisture-resistant, non-parasitic bacteria, green and environmental protection, pp materials are food-grade materials, safe and hygienic.

Strong weather resistance, high cost performance

No climate and geographical restrictions, not afraid of sun and high temperature, rain and humidity, snow and ice, never warp, fall off deformation; indoor and outdoor can be used; product investment, low maintenance costs, high grade, fast results, is the best choice for all kinds of sports ground paving.

Silicone pu

Silicone pu is a healthy professional elastic synthetic court surface material system that meets the ergonomic principle and the physical characteristics of sports.

Easy construction and maintenance

Can be applied directly on asphalt concrete or cement concrete base, easy and convenient to operate. The material contains stain-resistant additives, so that stains will not penetrate into the surface layer, just wash with water to keep it new.

Energy-absorbing and shock-absorbing, super wear-resistant

Moderate curvature technology provides a high degree of comfort, when bearing the instant impact, 63% of the impact is absorbed by the ground system, better protection of sportsmen’s feet and ankles surface layer selection of high-strength silicone granular material, unique double-layer structure more wear-resistant, more than 8 years of service lifeVarious Sports Field Flooring Materials

Colorful, durable and long-lasting

Even in strong ultraviolet rays, ozone, rain, high temperature, low temperature and other climatic environment can still maintain its bright color for a long time, not easy to crack, peeling, fading pan from

Artificial turf

Artificial turf without filling auxiliary materials, can be repeatedly paved, reuse, suitable for temporary construction of sports venues, one-time paving artificial turf paving must be filled with quartz sand fixed, can not be reused, suitable for long-term use of fixed venues.

Infinite seasons, evergreen in all seasons

It can be used in extreme climate such as high cold and high temperature. After the natural grass goes into dormancy, the artificial turf can still bring you spring-like feeling.

Environmental protection simulation, comfortable foot feeling

The turf surface is produced by the bionic principle, which is non-directional, and the hardness is similar to natural grass when it is active, with good elasticity and comfortable footing. The material meets the requirements of environmental protection and can be recycled and reused.

Economic and durable, convenient construction

Durable, not easy to fade, especially suitable for the use of high frequency of primary and secondary school sites, life can be more than 8 life. Can be laid directly in asphalt, cement, hard sand geological conditions and other factors to determine, under the conditions allowed should try to site the long axis along the north-south direction layout.

Acrylic court

The product is made of high quality acrylic surface coating plus a certain proportion of quartz sand and water ratio, the coating is water-based raw materials, non-toxic 100% green products, bright colors, not easy to aging, long service life, good sunlight resistance, not easy to crack, not easy to blister, easy to construct, convenient daily maintenance, low cost, but high requirements for the foundation, requiring a smooth foundation, no cracks, must be well waterproof, after completion the thickness of the surface layer is about 2mm, and the service life is more than 4 years.Various Sports Field Flooring Materials

Pvc indoor court

The material is composed of multi-layer high concentration of pvc material, the surface is embossed with non-slip, increasing the abrasion resistance and scratch resistance, the thickness is generally divided into 2.5mm, 4.0mm, 6.0mm, roll width 1.5m, roll length 20m, service life of 8 years or more.

Epdm ground

The material is composed of surface layer epdm color rubber layer and black rubber buffer layer, is non-toxic, tasteless environmental protection products, there are a variety of colors to, can be matched with a variety of patterns. Because it is a breathable surface layer system, compared with pu surface layer can save a lot of foundation cost, non-flammable, simple maintenance. Surface epdm colored rubber particles mixed with glue, the thickness is usually 6mm, can be used for basketball court, tennis court surface layer.

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