Upgrading The World’s Top 5 Stadiums

Stadio Bernabeu, Spain

The Bernabeu Stadium is the most sacred venue for Real Madrid fans. Inaugurated in 1947, the stadium is the home of Spanish football club Real Madrid and has a capacity of 80,354 spectators, making it one of the most famous football stadiums in the world.Upgrading The World's Top 5 Stadiums

The Bernabeu Stadium

The stadium has a modern frame design and is equipped with the latest high-tech equipment, including a 360° screen inside the stadium and a state-of-the-art LED screen outside the stadium, making it an immersive experience for those outside. The stadium has a retractable roof that opens in sunny weather and closes when it is raining.

The venue is currently undergoing a $650 million refurbishment. The original seating capacity of the arena will remain intact after the renovation, which will see the entire structure wrapped in a steel belt over a four-year period. The renovation will also provide major improvements to the surrounding streets and cityscape.

France Stade Philippe Chatrier

The Stade Philippe Chatrier was renovated at the end of the 2018 French Open, the first major renovation since it was built 90 years ago. It will be operational for the 2020 French Open and will allow night matches for this red clay court Grand Slam event.Upgrading The World's Top 5 Stadiums

Stade Philippe Chatrier

The home of the French Open, the main venue at Roland Garros, is now coming to the end of a $400 million upgrade. The famous redwood stadium has been renovated to add 2,500 seats and a retractable roof has been installed for the 2020 tournament. It consists of 11 trusses, each weighing 330 tonnes.

Australia Comic Relief Stadium

From September 2018, Melbourne’s Etihad Stadium was renamed Comic Relief Stadium. It is one of the largest stadiums in Australia and is also the training ground for the Australian men’s national team.

Comic Relief Stadium

It is understood that the 56,000-seat venue will be upgraded to include a new poolside hotel and rooftop bar. Also the surrounding public areas will then be improved to enhance the overall fan experience.

USA Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Mercedes-Benz, as car lovers will know, is a particularly famous and high-end car brand in the world, but few people know that the conglomerate has invested $10.8 billion to build a stadium.

The stadium is located in Atlanta, USA, and is called Mercedes-Benz Stadium, home of the Falcons football team. Mercedes-Benz has a special sentiment, so they have made the stadium into a winged eagle, with a falcon-shaped sculpture outside the pavilion, which weighs 36 tons and is amazingly imposing.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium

The stadium, which is scheduled to host the Super Bowl in 2024, has recently undergone a further $450 million renovation. Determined to enhance the spectator experience, construction work is progressing in stages. The stadium is now the most expensive in the world and is clearly an open-air stadium, but it only takes eight minutes for it to turn into an indoor stadium. Because the roof of the stadium is retractable, would you like to see such a stadium?Upgrading The World's Top 5 Stadiums

Argentina Almando Stadium

For every Argentine football fan, the home stadium they support is their home. For Boca Juniors fans, then, the Candy Box Stadium is the blue and yellow home of the fans. The real name of the stadium is the Almando Stadium.

The construction of the Almando Stadium is a marvel in the history of architecture. It allows the fans to watch the games and at the same time achieves a very good sound gathering effect. For the Boca Juniors fans, this sound gathering effect is what gives them the power to cheer on their home team. This is not just a stage for the stars, but a hall of honour. The proud performance on the field of play gives the local fans a sense of comfort and inspiration.

Almando Stadium

Recognised as one of the most iconic football stadiums in the world, the stadium has steadily adapted and expanded over the decades. Today, a $70 million renovation plan is underway to build a new grandstand. The capacity has been increased from 57,000 to 70,000 spectators.

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