Top 10 Stadiums In The World In Order Of Magnitude

A stadium is a venue for outdoor sports and competitions. Large stadiums are comprehensive sports grounds, usually with a standard athletics field and a standard football (or rugby) pitch within the field. The stadium is surrounded by grandstands, which together with other supporting facilities can be used for training and competition in a variety of sports. The stadiums are classified according to the number of spectators accommodated in the stands: Grade A 25,000 or more, Grade B 15,000-25,000, Grade C 5,000-15,000, Grade D 5,000 or less.Top 10 Stadiums In The World In Order Of Magnitude

Melbourne Cricket Ground (100024)

The Melbourne Cricket Ground is designed in a large circular shape, which ensures that every angle of the stands can be enjoyed for the exciting moments of the game. It is the largest cricket ground in the world and also plays host to Australian Rugby.

The Melbourne Cricket Ground was built in 1850 and has undergone two major renovations since then. It has seen the rise and fall of Australian sport over the past century and a half and has a unique charm unmatched by any other stadium and is on the Australian Government’s National Heritage List.

Royal Darrell Texas Memorial Stadium (100,119)

With a capacity of over 100,000, Royal Daryll Texas Memorial Stadium is home to the University of Texas Longhorns, the largest stadium in the Big 12 and the second largest in the state of Texas.

Despite their recent poor form, the Longhorns have been the most profitable team in the US rugby market, valued at $1.15 billion. Naturally, their home stadium is no slouch either, and is ranked among the top in the country.

Bryant-Denny Stadium (101,821)

Bryant-Denny Stadium is located at the University of Alabama and is home to the Alabama Crimson Tide, the school’s football team. The stadium’s sheer size and the mountainous atmosphere has become an eternal nightmare for other teams. Under head coach Nick Saban, the Red Tide have gone on to become one of the most successful teams in the history of American football.

Tiger Stadium (102,321)

This stadium in Baton Rouge, the capital of Louisiana, is home to the Louisiana State University Tigers, one of the largest stadiums in the country. How big is Tiger Stadium? If it were full, the stadium would be the fifth most populous “city” in Louisiana.Top 10 Stadiums In The World In Order Of Magnitude

Neyland Stadium (102,455 people)

Neyland Stadium at the University of Tennessee used to have a larger capacity, but after a renovation, the stadium’s seating capacity has been reduced to the current 102,455. Hall of Fame inductee Peyton Manning played here, and the stadium is named after legendary varsity football coach Robert Neyland.

Kyle Stadium (102,512)

The state of Texas, USA, known for its ‘big’ stadium, contributes the third stadium on this list. Located in College Station, Texas, this stadium has been home to the Texas A&M football team since 1904. The stadium’s crowd is affectionately known as ‘The 12th Man’ on the field. This football stadium in a small town is even bigger than the $2 billion AT&T Stadium built by the state’s famous NFL team, the Dallas Cowboys.

Ohio Stadium (104,944 people)

Ohio Stadium is a large football stadium located in Columbus, the capital of the US state of Ohio, and is owned by Ohio State University, home of its varsity team, the Seven Leaf Trees.

On Saturday afternoons, Ohio Stadium is packed to the rafters with rabid fans, and the stadium is packed to the rafters with an overwhelmingly enthusiastic atmosphere. During the game, fans chant “O-H-I-O”, alternating letters on each side of the field. At the end of the game, the “Ohio Song” is sung as a group.

Beaver Stadium (107,572)

Beaver Stadium, home of the University of Pennsylvania Lions, is a sight to behold in Philadelphia on game days. The stadium is also known as one of the scariest in the country, with every visiting team on the edge of their seats to the roar of the fans.Top 10 Stadiums In The World In Order Of Magnitude

Michigan Stadium (107,601)

Popularly known as ‘The Big House’, this stadium at the University of Michigan is home to the Michigan Wolverines. Under their legendary coach Jim Harbaugh, the team has consistently ranked among the top teams in the league, which has kept Michigan Stadium’s attendance at capacity at times as high as 115,000.

Michigan Stadium is the largest stadium in the country, and in 2013 set a new national record for attendance. A record crowd of 115,109 people attended a game between the Michigan Wolverines and their arch-rivals, the NotreDame Fighting Irish.

May Day Stadium (150,000)

The May Day Stadium, located on Ayala Island in Pyongyang, North Korea, was completed on 1 May 1989 and is currently the largest stadium in the world with a capacity of 150,000 people.

The stadium is a comprehensive sports and cultural base where football and other games can be played, and has been the venue for many important events. One of the most widely known events was the world’s largest group performance, the Arirang, a large group gymnastics and arts and cultural performance with over 100,000 participants, held to commemorate the country’s leaders and independence. The stadium, even more than twice the size of Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium. The May Day Stadium is also considered to be one of the many ‘world’s best’ buildings of the country’s economic heyday.

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