The World’s Most Advanced Smart Venue

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of new york? Is it the fashionable empire of the lights, or the sanctity of the united nations headquarters, the exchange center of people coming and going, or the flip-flopping of wall street traders, after reading this article, add another label to your impression of new york – the international sports metropolis.

Don’t you feel that the construction of these sports fields is amazing? If you are interested in the construction of sports fields, please check out our other section: Sports Arena ConstructionThe World's Most Advanced Smart Venue

Indeed, because new york shines so brightly in other lights, it causes people to start forgetting that new york is also a center of many high-level sports clubs, from the new york jets and new york giants in the nfl, to the kings of mlb, the new york yankees, and the new york mets, the new york rangers and islanders in the nbl, to the knicks and nets in the nba, and even the ones that have been doing well in recent years new york fc and the red bulls in soccer, all have brought countless sports visual treats to the world.

And with the team’s fame, the matching game venue also stands out, from yankee stadium to madison square garden arena, new york really picked out too many quality sports venues, which, the newly built nba brooklyn nets home – barclays center, is modern and full.The World's Most Advanced Smart Venue

The barclays center is a multi-purpose indoor stadium located in brooklyn, new york. If madison square garden in new york is the “Mecca” Of basketball, then the barclays center is the “Taj mahal”. The majestic building is located at 620 atlantic avenue and is included in the $4.9 billion atlantic yards project, now known as the grand pinoy park project. The barclays center is a key component of the plan to build a large mixed-use residential and commercial campus.

The barclays center was built in 2010 at a cost of more than $1 billion and was completed and opened in 2012. The barclays center is now home to the nba’s brooklyn nets (formerly the new jersey nets) and the nhl’s new york islanders. The arena has also hosted numerous sporting events, such as the nba draft (2013 class), ncaa basketball tournaments, boxing matches and other events.

In addition to sporting events, the barclays center has also hosted many prestigious entertainment events, one of which was the 2013 mtv music awards. This new barclays center became an indoor multi-purpose arena comparable to madison square garden in manhattan, new york and the prudential center in newark. Currently, the largest shareholder of the barclays center and the brooklyn nets is russian tycoon prokhorov.

The barclays center was designed by architect ellerbe becket, who has designed arenas for the boston celtics, spurs and nine other nba teams. But a new era demands more from a new arena, and how to improve the user experience, especially for the fans, is an issue that should not be underestimated. As a “Billion-dollar” Multi-purpose arena, barclays center does not disappoint, so let’s take a look at the special features of barclays:

  1. When you arrive at the entrance of the venue, a wave-shaped 360° led screen immediately comes into view, which is very eye-catching. This large led screen can be used for advertising and showing movies, which has high commercial value.
  2. The playback hd led screen in the middle of the arena, surrounded by the wrap-around led screen, allows every audience to catch those great and wonderful moments.
  3. In this era of pervasive internet, barclays center gives full attention to the internet and social experience. The barclays center provides free wifi to meet the needs of all audiences. It is very difficult to meet the needs of more than 10,000 to 20,000 people to access mobile internet at the same time, which requires high coverage and speed of hotspots, but the barclays center has done it. Not only that, but people outside the arena who wanted to dabble with the internet also said they felt very good about using it.
  4. The barclays center also provides a convenient app for the audience, for example, the audience can order food on their mobile devices through the app, and then walk out of the audience to retrieve the food when it is all ready, saving time in line so as not to miss the exciting game.The World's Most Advanced Smart Venue

The media control center is also very advanced. The audience can connect their iphone to the whole media control system through ipod dock and let the arena play the content of your cell phone.

The barclays center, which is full of design and technology, can accommodate nearly 20,000 spectators. By constantly adapting to the needs of the audience experience, the barclays center has become an arena that can compete with madison square garden. The nets, the outsiders who have just moved into new york, have added a lot to their conquest of the city with this grand home. Perhaps our domestic arena operations and audience service experience is not as good as the tip of the iceberg of the barclays center arena, but in the era of internet technology updates and iterations, rapid development, in more intelligent sports venues, even if the concept of the rise of the good times, go out to learn and learn from foreign advanced experience is the way to create a better and newer arena operation model, not just go out, but should go into go, to go into their core technology area, into their operational model barriers area, while combining their own domestic realities grafted foreign experience and model innovation to create our own new model of intelligent venues

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