Stadium Buildings Around The World

Singapore National Stadium

The Singapore National Stadium is located on a 35-hectare site in a scenic waterfront location. With a unique integrated ecosystem of sports, shopping and leisure venues, the National Stadium is the hub between Singapore’s expanding city centre and the public realm. The 55,000-seat national stadium features an ultra-thin dome structure and a moveable roof.

With a roof span of 310 metres, the National Stadium is the largest large-span dome in the world. The removable roof can be closed to provide shade when needed, including when it rains. The roof is kept open when the stadium is not in use to ensure the quality of the turf. The removable part of the roof also incorporates a 20,000 square meter LED lighting matrix, one of the largest LED displays in the world.Stadium Buildings Around The World

Mundorf Leiban Sports Centre

Designed in collaboration with Mecanoo and Metaform, this cycling arena and sports centre is located in a rural area on the edge of Mondorfleben, Luxembourg. The project aims to create a new entertainment destination for this community, known for its thermal baths, and includes a new national cycling arena, water sports center, multi-purpose stadium and a rock climbing wall. In the future, the venue will be able to host national and world class cycling events, as well as providing sporting facilities for the nearby community and international schools.

In terms of layout, a spacious foyer connects the various function spaces while providing clear traffic flow for athletes (including professional athletes, students and recreationists) and spectators. Both the cycling hall and the gymnasium can be accessed from the locker rooms located on the ground floor. A spacious and open staircase connects the entrance to the public lobby on the second floor, providing a clear public axis for the Aquatics Centre and the spectator areas of the velodrome and stadium. The food and beverage outlets provide gathering and waiting spaces in a relaxed atmosphere, and the outdoor terrace offers views of the entire stadium and the surrounding area.

Royal Copenhagen Stadium

The 35,000 square metre Royal Stadium is one of Copenhagen’s most sought-after cultural venues, a purpose-built venue for concerts and world-class sporting events that aims to achieve two goals: to be a unique, highly flexible, multi-purpose stadium that attracts local and international audiences; and to activate the development of the entire region and Copenhagen. The podium-like volumes provide different public spaces for gatherings and daily activities, and the warm wooden façade provides two-way views for spectators inside and pedestrians outside, enriching and integrating into urban life while adding value to the surrounding area.

The design focus of the stadium is a unique platform that connects to the surrounding environment. Different types of small plazas, pocket spaces and gathering spaces are arranged around the platform to carry the flow of spectators more efficiently. The design provides the community with a variety of public spaces and adjacent areas such as staircases, allowing the stadium to promote and stimulate community activity even when unused.Stadium Buildings Around The World

Borisov City Football Stadium, Belarus

The football stadium in Borisov, Belarus, will be opened in 2013. The four-star European Union football stadium in the middle of the woods has 13,000 seats and an extra 3,000 square metres of public space. The unified shape of the whole forms a closed space with irregularly shaped round holes in the shell, which looks like a lightly stretched textile membrane.

The space between the outer skin of the football stadium and the stands is used for public services and offices. The interior of the stadium is mainly divided into public entrances, and the arena is well silenced, allowing players and fans to concentrate on the game. 85m x 105m of the stadium, of which 68m x 105m is the playing area, and the rest of the stadium is well organized for advertising screens and media photography areas. The stadium seating is divided into a general seating area, a VIP area, a players’ lounge and a media area.

Pays d’Aix-en-Provence stadium

The new Pays d’Aix-en-Provence stadium is located at a road junction in the south-west of Aix-en-Provence. The façade is made up of metallic ovals, which are layered on top of each other in such a way that, at first glance, there are no fronts or backs thanks to the same treatment of the entire façade, except for the subtle variations in the arrangement of the ovals that mark the entrance to the stadium.

The enormous volume of the building contains an arena for 6,000 to 8,000 spectators and a smaller training area. The building responds to the site through geometrical variations: the oval suspended in the air becomes more prominent in the direction of the main square, forming a large canopy, a gesture of welcome for visitors. The underside of the oval prominence is illuminated with lighting fixtures that give the building a sense of unity. At night, these lights will draw the eye from the arena to the square.

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