Camp Nou Stadium Upgraded To 5G Stadium

5G to transform eSports 5G is set to transform not only the traditional event experience but also eSports, with Telefónica and Movistar Riders hosting the “Movistar Riders on 5G” event at MWC 2019, the first European exhibition on 5G and eSports. “, the first European exhibition on 5G and eSports. During the demonstration, the Movistar Riders “Call of Duty” professional […]

How to optimize a construction blog site

We know that backlink is good for a construction blog website ranking, but some low quality backlink is not good for website ranking, so you must publish some high quality links if you want to have good results in website ranking. We are a professional construction blog, so a good link must have some relationship with the construction. Then someone […]

Top 10 Famous Stadiums In The World

Since ancient times there have been gymnasiums, the earliest gymnasium in history is located in the ancient Greek Olympia stadium, gymnasiums have a long history, modern gymnasiums are also the crystallization of the art of architecture, the following is your inventory of the world’s top ten famous gymnasiums, famous gymnasium introduction. Don’t you feel that the construction of these sports […]

Stadium Buildings Around The World

Singapore National Stadium The Singapore National Stadium is located on a 35-hectare site in a scenic waterfront location. With a unique integrated ecosystem of sports, shopping and leisure venues, the National Stadium is the hub between Singapore’s expanding city centre and the public realm. The 55,000-seat national stadium features an ultra-thin dome structure and a moveable roof. With a roof […]

The Longest Urban Sports Greenway In The World – Jiangyin Greenway

Jiangyin, a small city in the southern part of Jiangsu Province, China, has been a major river defence fortress for centuries and is now an important port for river and sea transport in the Yangtze River Delta region. Jiangyin is also a garden city and boasts a world first: the longest sports greenway in the world. The design team from […]

The World’s Most Beautiful Basketball Courts

The basketball court, a 28m x 15m flat field, has no facilities except for the basketball racks at both ends. But such a simple site, designers can also make the basketball court a creative, artistic sense of the place, to attract the pursuit of trendy, sports-loving basketball fans. Today we have collected the creative basketball courts in the world, let’s […]

The 8 Most Beautiful Solar Stadiums In The World

Bird’s Nest 2008 Beijing Olympics The solar power generation system of the Bird’s Nest is installed in the 12 main channels of the National Stadium. The system integrates clean and environmentally friendly solar power generation with the National Stadium, which will play a positive role in promoting the use of green energy, effectively controlling and reducing air pollution in Beijing […]

The 10 Sports Stadiums Built Worldwide In Recent Years

Matmut Atlantique Stadium The project is located in an open, flat site, next to the Bordeaux Exhibition Centre. With a maximum capacity of 42,000 people, the stadium offers the best views for everyone and maximum flexibility of use, not only for rugby and football matches, but also for performances, concerts and corporate events. The New Bordeaux Stadium appears light and […]