Sports Center – Combination Of Wood And Concrete Design

Mecanoo and Metaform Architects have won a competition to design a new Velodrome and Sports Complex in Mondorf-les-Bains, Luxembourg. Sited in the countryside outside the city, the project was designed as a destination for recreation. The new project will include a new national velodrome with an aquatic centre, multisport hall and climbing wall. The design aims to be a sporting hub that could host national and international cycling events while also remaining open to the community and future international school on site.Sports Center - Combination Of Wood And Concrete Design

A compact design approach was chosen to address a limited budget and the prescribed re-naturalization of the sloping agricultural site. Pools and the sports hall are sunken into the topography and covered by sloping green roofs to blend the building into the landscape. The move gives prominence to the velodrome as landmark in the landscape. The Velodrome itself was created as a floating volume above the landscape that features an elegant engineered timber structure. Wood and concrete were combined to create a warm and durable backdrop for the complex, while glazing and skylights frame views of the landscape.

The velodrome and sports halls are accessed through rooms located on the ground floor. The layout of the Velodrome and Sports Complex connects the facilities through a grand foyer that maintains a circulation for both athletes (professional, recreational and students) and spectators. A large open staircase connects the public foyer on the first floor with the entrance, creating a clear public axis to the aquatic centre and spectator areas of the velodrome and multisport. Informal meeting and waiting spaces are created, with outdoor terraces and views onto all of the facilities and the surrounding landscape.

Mecanoo and Metaform emerged as the winners of the international competition and will be commissioned by the Municipality of Mondorf-les-Bains and the Luxembourg Ministry of Sports.

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