Silicone Pu Ground Sports Field Construction 5 Points

The sports ground is a field used for sports exercise or competition, which is used more frequently in daily life. The sports ground can be divided into: concrete ground, wooden ground, plastic ground and silicon PU ground according to the ground material.

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Sports field construction points

  1. The dimensions of all types of courts shall conform to standard specifications.
  2. In an indoor basketball court, the height of the ceiling or lowest obstacle shall not be less than 7m.
  3. 3.All kinds of lines on the sports field can be clearly identified, and the width of the lines is 0.05m.
  4. The distance between the boundary line of the stadium and the spectator stand, billboard or other obstacle shall not be less than 2m.
  5. the internal structure of the stadium is stable and reliable, and the surface is highly flat to prevent safety accidents from occurring.Silicone Pu Ground Sports Field Construction 5 Points

silicone PU ground construction points

  1. The asphalt base layer should be solid, smooth, rough, uneven and too large should be chiseled or leveled, and the base surface should be cleaned to ensure that there is no water accumulation and no white chalking and floating dust.
  2. Elastic layer and stability layer should be thinly coated many times the method of construction, each scraping thickness of not more than 2mm, each scraping time interval for the previous dry solid shall prevail, scraping when paying attention to the leveling effect, if you can not level the scraping traces, need to add special diluent to adjust the consistency to ensure that the surface leveling.
  3. When the topcoat layer is constructed, after the stable layer is dry and solid, mix the curing agent, color paste and non-slip powder evenly, then use the roller scraper to scrape and level it.
  4. Each process in the construction process must keep the surface clean before construction, mixed with debris or uneven places need to be trimmed smooth before the next process.
  5. The site should be kept above 5d after paving before putting into use.

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