Problems And Solutions In The Process Of Stadium Lighting Construction

In recent years, the country around the construction of stadiums, stadium construction of an important part of the stadium lighting, the development level of the various construction parties, good and bad. Today, the editor summed up in recent years in the stadium lighting project design, construction and acceptance of the experience, should solve the following aspects of the problem and summarize the specific measures to solve the problem.Problems And Solutions In The Process Of Stadium Lighting Construction

the illumination design is unreasonable

In order to increase the efficiency of the use of sports venues, most of them are multifunctional and multipurpose, used for sports as well as for other cultural activities. This requires that the lighting design of stadiums first meet the special requirements of sports, but also provide services for entertainment, training, competition, maintenance and cleaning. It is necessary to design and arrange the corresponding lighting scenes according to different uses and different sports requirements, and at the same time, the lighting of the sports field and audience service area, competition and training should also be designed according to different standards, in order to reduce the operating cost of the lighting system and ensure that the activities have better lighting quality.

  1. Distinguish between different types of competition stadium illumination requirements: in the lighting design should be based on different sports, the size of the sports field, the actual use of the highest application level, etc. to choose the corresponding lighting standard value. For lighting energy-saving considerations, it is not appropriate to super-determined design. Can reach the national standards on it, not the brighter the better.
  2. Distinguish between different locations of the same stadium illumination requirements: stadium lighting in addition to venue lighting, there are spectator lighting and emergency lighting. The purpose of each category of lighting is different, should be designed in accordance with the requirements respectively, to meet the requirements of energy saving.
  3. Distinguish between different functions of the same stadium illumination requirements: in accordance with international practice, stadiums take into account sporting events, training and other cultural activities, so the lighting system to set up in accordance with different functional requirements of flexible control systems, such as the introduction of PLC or intelligent light control system, you can easily use software programs to change the illumination and color temperature, under the premise of energy saving, to achieve different lighting effects. 4.
  4. Lighting for practical use: The current highest lighting standard for stadiums is HDTV broadcast lighting, which is limited to stadiums holding major international competitions. For the general purpose of the stadium is not possible to carry out HDTV broadcast, so there is no need for such a lighting effect. It should be possible to easily turn off some or most of the lighting manually or automatically during the day when natural light is strong, or late at night when few people are present, contributing to energy savings. The use of group control, the natural light sufficient or insufficient places will be switched on and off separately, in order to facilitate the adjustment of illumination.Problems And Solutions In The Process Of Stadium Lighting Construction

emergency power and emergency lighting settings, unreasonable operation

Stadiums are places where people are concentrated and should be equipped with emergency power supplies and accident lighting to ensure that all personnel can safely evacuate the site within a short period of time in an emergency. In some small and medium sized stadiums, the maintenance and commissioning of these facilities is often neglected. Emergency lighting is divided into lighting for evacuation of personnel and lighting for the continuation of competition.

  1. The illumination value of safety lighting should not be less than 5% of the general illumination value of the venue. Safety lighting in this context refers to lighting used to evacuate people from the site. They should be inspected and evaluated periodically during use and maintenance.
  2. The safety lighting power supply should be independent of the normal lighting system. Commonly used batteries for evacuation signs of power, can ensure its reliability. Safety lighting requirements conversion time fast, not connected from the generator set; connected from the power grid, at least and the need for safety lighting location of the power equipment should be separated.
  3. Safety lighting requirements of low illumination, can be used tungsten halogen lamp, because of its ability to instantaneous ignition, and low initial investment and good color rendering performance, but its low luminous efficiency, short life. For continued competition with emergency lighting requirements of high illumination, when using metal halide lamps, it is appropriate to use does not ask the power supply; can also be used to heat the trigger device, but the investment in this device is larger.

gas discharge light source selection, unreasonable installation

The gas discharge light source is widely used because of its color rendering and high efficiency, but improper installation and distribution will affect its function and even cause accidents.

  1. When gas discharge light source is equipped with magnetic ballast, the power factor is usually low, generally 0.4. 0.5, so reactive power compensation should be set to make its power factor reach 0.9 or above.
  2. Gas discharge lamps and lanterns of the trigger sometimes because of the installation, maintenance of the need for separate settings. The distance between the generator and the lamp should be as small as possible.
  3. The neutral section of the three-phase power distribution line, which mainly supplies gas discharge lamps, should meet the requirements of unbalanced current and harmonic current, and should not be smaller than the phase section.
  4. Fluorescent high-pressure mercury lamps should not be used because of their low luminous efficiency, short life and low color rendering index. Do not use self-ballasted fluorescent high-pressure mercury lamp, because its performance is worse than fluorescent high-pressure mercury lamp.Problems And Solutions In The Process Of Stadium Lighting Construction

Special power distribution devices are not in place

As the stadium lighting installations single-phase load is dominant, the requirements for power continuity is high, the security requirements of special venues are high, so in the design and construction are prone to error.

  1. Spectator seating, field of play lighting fixtures, when equipped with on-site maintenance conditions, it is appropriate to set up a separate protection in each lamp.
  2. Do not use three-phase low-voltage circuit breakers to protect the three single-phase lighting branch circuits, in order to avoid the expansion of power outage areas caused by single-circuit failures.
  3. Competition-specific lighting should be powered by an independent transformer.
  4. swimming pools and similar places underwater lamps power supply voltage should not be greater than 12 V. The power can come from the venue’s lighting power, but the neutral line of the transformer is not connected with the system ground, should be composed of separate equipotential connection, to ensure that the 12V power supply and the venue’s other power distribution circuit isolation. Waterproof lamps of corresponding grade should be used in wet places, and open type lamps with waterproof lamp heads can be used.

the protective measures of lamps and lanterns fall off are not in place

  1. Where vibration and swing are large, vibration has a great impact on the life of the light source, and may even cause the lamp to loosen and fall off automatically. Should be vibration-proof soft connection type of lamps and lanterns or anti-vibration installation measures, and add protection net on the lamps and lanterns.
  2. Installed in the high altitude of the lamp should be selected light weight, small size and small wind load coefficient of products; lamp locking device should be able to withstand the maximum wind load under the conditions of use; lamps and lanterns and accessories should have fall-proof measures.

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