The 9 Great Ways To Create An All-Weather Sports Arena

You can see it on school and university campuses, as well as in clubs, recreational facilities places and public places: a brick-red plastic surface with colored markings, two goals, basketball nets, barbed wire fences – the all-weather sports field. Its shock-absorbing plastic surface is resilient to protect athletes from injury; the material’s surface is also non-slip, and the permeable material […]

World Famous Stadium Design Appreciation

A stadium is an outdoor athletic field used for sports training and competition, with a 400-metre running track (including a football pitch in the centre), with fixed teeth, six or more tracks and fixed stands. The stadiums are classified according to the number of spectators in the stands: Class A 25,000 or more, Class B 15,000-25,000, Class C 5,000-15,000 and […]