Mcarena Germany: Bringing The Outdoors Indoors

It’s a well-known fact that exercising outdoors not only relieves stress, but also makes us feel good. But when the temperature drops, is kicking in the snow on a frozen soccer field, or playing soccer in the rain, really what we want? Is it really a good choice for outdoor enthusiasts to be active in an overheated indoor gym? By the end of 2018, 16 mcarena outdoor sports pavilions had been built across germany, with plans for more venues as well. The secret of their success can be summed up in one word: Bringing the outdoors indoors. This means that everyone can enjoy the outdoors in an “Open-air arena” With a roof.

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Mcarena Germany: Bringing The Outdoors Indoors

Affordable alternatives to sports stadium construction

The developers’ requirements for the mcarena open-air sports complex were high: They had to combine an economically sustainable concept with a technically high-quality design. These arenas meet this requirement by limiting the type of arena and utilizing a smart modular structure. This results in an initial cost of about 10 percent compared to existing outdoor sports halls. In addition, outdoor sports facilities have low space requirements and a short construction time – just eight to ten weeks to build – which all contribute to their economic viability.

No site barriers, operating 14 hours a day

Structurally, the arena’s main structure consists of high-quality hot-dipped galvanized steel. The arena perimeter uses low walls and floor netting to replace the traditional full wall. The slightly sloping roof protects the arena from rain, snow and direct sunlight, enhancing the weather resistance of the arena. 1.5m large eaves provide security to the perimeter of the arena. The noise-reducing sandwich panel with pu foam core combined with the tightly meshed ball catching net forms a closed cage, which is free from outside interference on the premise of ensuring the sports experience. The arena is fitted with an explosion-proof led lighting system, making the outdoor sports hall usable at night as well. Barrier-free access for the disabled and stretcher access for medical personnel also complete the design concept of the outdoor sports pavilion. The advantages of the gymnasium are clear: In addition to providing more fresh air for the athletes, the mcarena is modular, economical and suitable for a wide range of sports activities. The gym has low operating and maintenance costs (no heating is required) and can be individually sized and adapted.

Modular construction design

Hockey in the morning, volleyball in the afternoon, and a zumba class in the evening? Having an annual party on the weekend? The mcarena outdoor sports pavilions offer a wide range of possibilities for use and, thanks to the modular system, can be optimally adapted to the needs of individual operators. In principle, they can be used as one, two or three sports surfaces. Some brands of artificial turf can be used as an alternative to sports floors.

Core design sports flooring

Durable and low-maintenance, artificial turf without sand or rubber infill has a dense, flat surface on which hockey balls can roll quickly. The coolplus feature, used on all levels, prevents sports fields from getting too hot during the hot summer months, and the resilient layer provides optimal shock absorption. In addition, other sports such as rugby and lacrosse can be played on both systems. The modular plastic cover instantly transforms the outdoor sports field into a resilient event space.Spooky Nook

Exhibit hall facilities with smart technology

To ensure that athletes and spectators are kept up to date with the scores on the pitch, the multi-purpose arena is equipped with a clear digital display board. The scoring system is controlled by a separate system, which means that goals and scores can be calculated at the touch of a button. Users can conveniently operate the audio and speakers from their smartphones or tablets to play the most appropriate background music, whether they are attending an aerobics class or a dance competition. The audio system has been carefully designed to keep the sound within the outdoor sports hall, leaving the nearby residents largely unaffected. Another technological highlight of the sports pavilion is the permanently installed speed measurement system: Using two laser measuring devices, it is possible to determine the speed of the ball and transmit the data to a digital display board. Despite this, the construction and maintenance costs of the stadium remain within a manageable calculated cost.

For sports clubs and communities, the mcarena outdoor sports complex offers the opportunity to build sustainable sports facilities at a low cost and within a stable budget. In many areas where there is a shortage of operational sports venues, the versatility of the mcarena outdoor sports complex meets most of the needs of sports facilities.

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