Maintaining The Sports Ground Floor

First: after the completion of the plastic runway pavement, it needs to be maintained for a week before it can be used normally, so as to ensure the full combination of the sports ground and the ground, thus ensuring the quality.

Secondly: Plastic runway can be used in all weather under the condition of having certain drainage facilities. The plastic runway as athletes training, competition and student movement and fitness exercise, not suitable for other purposes. If you drive to the sports place, it will shorten the life of the sports ground floor.

Third: avoid harmful substances pollution, keep it clean, avoid violent mechanical impact and friction, no vehicles on the runway, piling up heavy and sharp objects and so on (except for standard running shoes). Athletes must wear special sports shoes with spikes no longer than 7 mm and jumping shoes no longer than 11 mm. Athletic shoes with longer spikes are not allowed to be used on the plastic track, the main material of the sports field is plastic type, a crack will shorten the life of the whole sports field flooring.Maintaining The Sports Ground Floor

Fourth: Avoid long-term loading

Fifth: avoid fireworks and isolate heat source, avoid contact with organic solvents, chemicals, cigarette butts and other fire, pollutants, etc., the sports ground flooring material must be fireproof, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Sixth: should be often sprayed with water to clean, after cleaning rubber surface a small amount of residual water can be removed with a dry cloth, stained with oil can be used 10% ammonia or detergent, washing powder scrub clean, improve the beauty of the sports field flooring and service life.

Seventh: the edge of the plastic runway should be protected, shall not be arbitrarily lifted, such as the discovery of tooth damage, blistering phenomenon should promptly notify the construction unit for repair.

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