Indoor Sports Arena (Maple Sports Floor) Construction Plan

project description

System advantages

Description of the main material properties

Reliable and preferred main material, advanced and reliable technology structure guarantee, high reputation of professional certification.

Material selection to maple-based structure, the United States NBA arena are maple, in North America, Europe and Southeast Asia, sports arena are also more to maple flooring for the mainstream.

maple main features are as follows

  1. maple is a long-fiber tree, with other hardwood incomparable toughness, horizontal and vertical grain shear performance are the best, processing and use will not produce wood spurs, can protect athletes from injury.
  2. maple wood hardness is moderate, the depth of the hammer test marks are less than other hardwood, and because it is not soft or hard, it makes the feet feel comfortable.
  3. because the material is dense and uniform, maple no pores water pipe exposure, not easy to absorb moisture deformation, the appearance of delicate and bright.
  4. bright color, natural color difference, the best visual effect, suitable for competition and television broadcast of the perception of beauty.
  5. Because it is a long fiber, the density is evenly arranged along the floor block, good average wear resistance and long service life.

Quercus main characteristics are as follows

  1. the specific gravity of its wood, hard texture, large contraction, high strength. Dense structure, not easy to sawing, dark color, easy to crack, warp deformation, not easy to dry.
  2. moisture resistance, wear resistance, not easy to glue, good coloring performance. At present, decorative wooden flooring is used more. Sports stadium flooring in recent years, use a smaller proportion.Indoor Sports Arena (Maple Sports Floor) Construction Plan

Production technology and quality standard

  1. Solid wood floor and composite solid wood floor production, its processing precision can reach 0.1 mm high. The production machinery and equipment mainly include German dry kiln, German Weili heavy-duty four-sided planer, Italian double-end milling, Dutch sand bar sander and other equipment.
  2. Advanced wood floor structure installation technology, convenient and quick maintenance, well-selected materials for wood floor, mature and advanced technology, with strong durability.
  3. Strictly abide by the design requirements during the construction process, fully respond to the tender documents and take various quality assurance measures, and strictly implement the following standards.

Ball rebound index: refers to the standard basketball rebound height on the wooden floor and the percentage of rebound height on the concrete floor.

Shock absorption: is when the athlete falls to the wooden floor, the rebound force accounted for the percentage of the force falling to the floor, vibration absorption is greater than the standard 53%, is conducive to the protection of athletes, reduce injuries.

Friction coefficient:Reflect the floor surface slip characteristics, the floor is too slippery or too astringent are not conducive to the movement of athletes, the standard provisions in 0.4 ~ 0.6 within.

Rolling load: To reflect the floor’s ability to withstand the athlete’s load.

Sports wooden floor construction process description

Construction conditions

  1. Wooden floor construction before the civil engineering must be completed and must be cleaned up, the ground construction quality must meet the architectural drawings design requirements.
  2. The installation project of indoor water, electricity, steam ventilation and so on ends, especially the water network pipeline must be pressurized experiment, to confirm to meet the design requirements, normal use does not have an impact on the wooden floor.
  3. Indoor decoration ceiling, ultrasonic, electroacoustic, lighting and other projects finished to avoid cross-construction of wood floor construction impact.
  4. The floor humidity or equilibrium moisture content is basically consistent with the outside world.
  5. For the need to cross construction with other types of work, should be allowed by the Party unified arrangement.

Construction preparation

  1. Construction tools and instruments: latitude and longitude meter, level, universal woodworking machine, portable electric planer, portable high-speed cutting saw, polishing machine, nail gun, air compressor, hand ruler, 3m ruler, common construction woodworking tools.
  2. Materials and supplies: all the materials required before the construction must be transported to the place designated by Party A, and properly stored according to the performance requirements of the products, the storage capacity should meet the construction progress.
  3. Inspection of construction conditions: check whether the construction conditions, the matters do not meet the construction requirements to make records, Party A shall order the relevant departments to solve the problem within a certain period of time, clear responsibility, especially water, fire, theft, etc..
  4. Construction progress, site management and other relevant system preparation.

(1). Prepare construction schedule: Prepare construction schedule according to the plan. Report to the contracting unit and supervisory team for examination and filing.

(2). Set up the construction team: divided into carpentry team, painting team, general labor team. Carry out technology transfer and determine the responsibility of the group.

  1. Other items.

Reinforce the education such as technical press fire prevention, especially to comply with the system of other units on site.

Draw the position line of the keel and bedding blocks

Draw the position line of the main keel and pad according to the drawing, and mark the pad at the reference point from the center of the site to every 3 meters vertically and horizontally around.

Test the site

Use a level to measure the height error on the concrete floor at the datum point, and keep records at the same time to mark the height value on the concrete floor at the datum point.

Installation of shock-absorbing rubber mats

Install 10mm thick pads at the datum point, the elevation error above the datum pads should not exceed -1mm, use veneer leveling and then use the level to calibrate if there is any error.

Install other wooden pads

Use an aluminium alloy flat ruler (or draw a horizontal line) with a length of more than 3m. Straddle the two benchmark pads horizontally and vertically, and then under the aluminum alloy ruler, put the other pads according to the drawing position, and level at the same time, the same height as the benchmark pads, leveling as above.Indoor Sports Arena (Maple Sports Floor) Construction Plan

Installation of the keel

Put the 4×5cm(optional other size) pine keel on the rubber pad according to the line, nail it with 50# steel nail(optional other type), nail the shock-absorbing rubber pad, leveling pad and keel. The whole field of the keel with 3 meters straight ruler upper edge leveling error 3 meters straight ruler -2mm. four sides of the keel brush fireproof material, (double keel into a well shaped open rubber pad on the middle of the two layers of keel, with 50 # steel nail (optional other models) fixed, the distance between the keel 400mm).

Installation of gross floor

Will multi-layers of solid wood gross flooring staggered each other, paved in the main keel with 60mm round nail diagonally nailed tight.

Laying moisture-proof mat

The moisture-proof mat will be laid under the wool floor no discount.

Lay the surface floor

The surface floor with a special floor nail into a 45-degree oblique nail, nailed to the gross floor, requiring longitudinal straight lines, joints to stagger each other.

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