How to optimize a construction blog site

We know that backlink is good for a construction blog website ranking, but some low quality backlink is not good for website ranking, so you must publish some high quality links if you want to have good results in website ranking. We are a professional construction blog, so a good link must have some relationship with the construction.
Then someone will ask what kind of backlink is good? And those links have something to do with architecture?
Here I will answer this question, generally speaking, it depends on the weight of the site (DA and PA). If the weight of the site is relatively high, then the site is a good site. If it is an educational website or a comprehensive website, then it will be more or less related to architecture, so comprehensive websites and educational websites can send more. The following is a list of links we will give you some construction websites can send, I believe these links can be very good help for your website ranking.;area=summary;u=33985

These are some of the links about the construction category, it is very rich in variety, I believe these links can give your website a good ranking.

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