How Much Do You Know About Sports Flooring

Sports field flooring is the surface layer of a field that can meet the requirements of friction, protection, marking, color, reflective and other characteristics required for sports events. According to the level of sports competition, the degree of applicability, the level of investment, and the long-term planning development trend of the facility by the owner, various types of sports field flooring layers can be used. The sports ground used for sports exercise or competition should have good flatness, high compressive strength, appropriate hardness and elasticity, stable physical properties and other characteristics, which can effectively reduce the rate of injuries. Jingkang flooring sports field series can be divided into: PU court flooring, acrylic court flooring, plastic runway.How Much Do You Know About Sports Flooring2

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PU court flooring

PU court flooring can be divided into traditional PU court and silicone PU court

The difference between PU basketball court and silicone basketball court

PU basketball court is made of PU material, general thickness of about 3-5mm, PU on the ground is more demanding, requires a flat foundation, no cracks, must do a good job of waterproofing, service life of more than 6 years, not environmentally friendly.

PU court materials is based on PU court materials developed on the basis of a new generation of court surfacing materials, a fundamental and effective solution to the PU court materials in the professional performance, environmental protection, construction, service life, daily maintenance, etc. are not satisfied, with practical, environmental protection, professional excellent performance.

Traditional PU court

Base and thickness requirements: asphalt base, thickness of not less than 4.5mm to meet the use of standards.

Use effect: elastic, good texture, but the ball path changes greatly, easy to make players knee injury. Abrasion resistance and ultraviolet resistance is poor, the black marks appearing during high-speed sports are not easy to clean.

After the rain: 20-30 minutes after the rain can be used again, but some types of products will appear slippery phenomenon.

Maintenance management: no need for regular maintenance, but easy to aging, fading, cracks, poor adhesion, poor permeability, easy to drum, 2 to 3 years after the fading, need to recolor.

Silicone PU court

Foundation and thickness requirement: Generally, cement concrete and asphalt concrete foundation thickness of 3mm can meet the use standard.

Effect : The elasticity of the upper and lower bounces effectively increases the cushioning and reduces the damage of ankles, joints and ligaments caused by the reaction force of the ground, as well as reduces the injuries caused by falling. Not easy to cause fatigue, site dry and wet also does not appear slippery phenomenon.

After the rain: after the rain can quickly resume use.

Maintenance management: no need for regular maintenance, excellent anti-ultraviolet light performance, long-lasting unchanged, 5 to 8 years to maintain the effect, easy maintenance.

Acrylic court flooring

Acrylic courts can be divided into hard surface acrylic courts and elastomeric acrylic courts.

Difference between hard surface acrylic courts and elastomeric acrylic courts

  1. The rebound of the hard-surface acrylic court is moderate and even, suitable for people of different levels of use. It can be repainted on the original surface and has no flaking problems. It is easy to maintain by spraying water under pressure to clean the ground.
  2. Flexible acrylic court can effectively cover the ground foundation of the micro-cracks, greatly reducing maintenance costs. With excellent shock-absorbing properties, the acrylic cushion coating provides sufficient support for the feet, reducing the damage that may be caused by the general hard ground on the feet. Ball bounce is moderately balanced and does not affect the bounce angle of the ball.

Hard Surface Acrylic Court Advantages

  1. 100% acrylic resin composition, non-toxic, non-asbestos, bright colors.
  2. Avariety of colors to choose from, the colors are long lasting.
  3. Excellent wear resistance, suitable for various climatic environments, resistant to UV radiation, long service life, service life of up to 3-8 years (depending on the quality of the foundation of the site).

4 Easy maintenance.

Advantages of flexible acrylic courts

  1. Composed of 100 per cent acrylic material and special rubber granules, it is tough and can also cover small cracks in the foundation.
  2. Excellent shock absorption performance to reduce the vibration of athletes’ feet and legs.
  3. A variety of top coat colors are available for users to choose from; strong UV resistance and long service life.
  4. Suitable for use in all climatic conditions; a variety of flexibility levels are available.
  5. Convenient maintenance.

Plastic track

Plastic runway, also known as all-weather track and field sports runway, has the characteristics of good smoothness, high compressive strength, appropriate hardness and elasticity, and stable physical properties, which is beneficial to the athlete’s speed and technology, effectively improving sports performance and reducing the rate of injuries. Plastic runway has certain elasticity and color, has a certain degree of UV resistance and aging resistance is internationally recognized as the best all-weather outdoor sports ground materials.

Features of plastic runway

  1. Color: Special polyurethane granules with soft color and granular surface to prevent the reflection of sunlight, beautiful and durable.
  2. Safety: It can prevent sports injury caused by falling.
  3. Adhesion: special construction treatment, strong adhesion, can restrain the rise of water, no bubbles, peeling off and other phenomena.
  4. Flatness: The construction is made of self-leveling material with flat surface, which can meet the requirements of a particularly flat playing field.
  5. Impact resistance: with strong elastic layer and buffer layer, it can absorb strong impact and the surface will not be damaged.
  6. Nail resistance: It will not be damaged by spike shoes or starting frame at the starting point of 100 meters, where the force is the biggest and most frequently used.
  7. Abrasion resistance: It will not be unable to recover elasticity due to the heavy pressure of track and field equipment.
  8. Abrasion resistance: Abrasion resistance is less than 2.5%, which can meet the demand of long time and high frequency for all levels of schools.
  9. Impact absorption: moderate absorption of footsteps impact, reduce sports injuries, long-term training and competition are suitable.

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