How to have good google seo effect?

Google SEO, the full English name is Google Search Engine Optimization, which translates to Google Search Engine Optimization.

It refers to the optimization of websites according to the ranking rules of Google search engine, so that the content, structure, links, etc. of the website can conform to the Google ranking rules as much as possible, so that it can get higher ranking in Google search results, thus gaining more traffic and exposure and maximizing the effect of online promotion. Try SEO.

Google SEO can be divided into two parts, one is onsite SEO, using SEO rules to write keywords into the text content, regular operation of the website information updates. The second is off-site SEO, which mainly includes external chain building and off-site traffic generation. The quality of content, the quality of external links, the natural ranking of keywords, these are all factors that affect the effectiveness of SEO and directly determine how much traffic you can get.

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