Camp Nou Stadium Upgraded To 5G Stadium

5G to transform eSports

5G is set to transform not only the traditional event experience but also eSports, with Telefónica and Movistar Riders hosting the “Movistar Riders on 5G” event at MWC 2019, the first European exhibition on 5G and eSports. “, the first European exhibition on 5G and eSports.

During the demonstration, the Movistar Riders “Call of Duty” professional team used a gaming console and 5G router and connected to the internet via Ericsson’s 5G mobile network. Four team members operated Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, a shooter where low latency is the key to success.Camp Nou Stadium Upgraded To 5G Stadium

5G makes driving safer

Within the framework of the 5G Barcelona initiative, Ericsson and Telefónica are working together on another project. The two companies have established a partnership with Spanish car manufacturer Seat (SEAT) and several other companies to pilot two 5G-assisted driving cars. The pilot programme is centred on Cellular Telematics (C-V2X) and edge technology, using 5G to connect to vehicles, pedestrians and urban infrastructure.Camp Nou Stadium Upgraded To 5G Stadium

Film and TV production using edge technology

In the fourth 5G agreement at MWC 2019, Telefónica and Ericsson, together with other partners, launched a 5G-based film and TV production solution to enable instant TV coverage with professional quality. The solution relies on the low latency, edge computing and high bandwidth features of 5G, including production software installed at the edge of the network. This puts the software close to mobile TV cameras, enabling TV producers to process a variety of inputs and generate content immediately. Ericsson provides support for the network equipment including 5G wireless devices, edge technology and the core network.

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