A Different Perspective On Metropolis Architecture

  Architect i.m. Pei once said, “Architecture is a form of social art”. Every metropolitan building shoulders the mission of the times, pays tribute to the characters of the times with its own splendor, tells the prosperity of the times in the past, and stands as a city landmark, dialoguing with the world. Every city has its own architecture of […]

BIM Applied To Sports Architecture Design Research

Related software companies have developed a large number of auxiliary design programs for contemporary BIM technology, each with its own characteristics, and for sports building design, the design software needs to be chosen by considering the project’s own characteristics. The use of BIM software is not only a means of drawing, but can also help designers think about architectural design […]

The 10 Most Beautiful Stadium Designs

Sports architecture is one of the most complex building types, with complex technology and high project value. As large public buildings, sports buildings not only have complex functions, but also carry many social responsibilities and emotional sustenance for people, and their development to some extent reflects the most advanced contemporary design concepts, structural technology, and people’s increasing spiritual and cultural […]

The 9 Great Ways To Create An All-Weather Sports Arena

You can see it on school and university campuses, as well as in clubs, recreational facilities places and public places: a brick-red plastic surface with colored markings, two goals, basketball nets, barbed wire fences – the all-weather sports field. Its shock-absorbing plastic surface is resilient to protect athletes from injury; the material’s surface is also non-slip, and the permeable material […]

World Famous Stadium Design Appreciation

A stadium is an outdoor athletic field used for sports training and competition, with a 400-metre running track (including a football pitch in the centre), with fixed teeth, six or more tracks and fixed stands. The stadiums are classified according to the number of spectators in the stands: Class A 25,000 or more, Class B 15,000-25,000, Class C 5,000-15,000 and […]