A Vibrant Gym

A Vibrant Gym

Sports are meant to strengthen our bodies and are an essential subject in our studies. The gymnasium, then, provides the right place for us.

As we pass through the buildings of all sizes every day, do you notice the unique structure at this time. When we come to the gymnasium, we can see some of its differences.

The intriguing roof structure alone, which spans the length of the stadium, plays an important role in the design of the building and contributes to the shape of the building. The construction of gymnasiums has contributed to the development of large-span structures. There are space mesh structure, suspension structure, inflatable structure, etc. available for adoption.

The roofs of the Beijing Capital Gymnasium and Nanjing Wutai Mountain Gymnasium are space-net structures; the roof of the Beijing Workers’ Gymnasium is a suspension structure; the roof of the Pontiac Gymnasium in Michigan, USA is an inflatable structure; the roof of the Munich Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium in the Federal Republic of Germany is a tensile structure.

The stadium on the East Mountain is another unique structure: a frame and rigid structure. The frame structure is a structure made up of many beams and columns to bear the full load of the house, and the steel structure project is a structure mainly made of steel, mainly made of steel beams, steel columns, steel trusses and other components made of profiled steel and steel plates, with welded seams, bolts or rivets connecting the components or parts, which is one of the main types of building structures.

As we all know, the Bird’s Nest is the most famous stadium in China, and its structure, however, uses a combination of various structures. The national stadium project is a special class sports building, a large stadium. The main structure is designed to have a service life of 100 years, with a fire-resistance rating of Grade 1, an anti-seismic cracking degree of 8 degrees, and a waterproof rating of Grade 1 for underground engineering. The main structure of the project is a saddle-shaped oval-shaped structure with a length of 333 meters from north to south and a giant saddle-shaped steel truss weave “bird’s nest” structure, the total steel consumption of the steel structure is 42,000 tons, the concrete grandstand is divided into three levels: upper, middle and lower, the concrete structure of the grandstand is a reinforced concrete frame and shear wall structure with one level underground and seven levels above ground. System.

The steel structure is completely disconnected from the upper part of the concrete stands and is unconnected to each other in a form of mutual enclosure, with the foundation sitting on a connected foundation base plate. The steel structure of the national stadium roof is covered with a double membrane structure, a transparent upper ETFE membrane fixed between the upper chords of the steel structure and a translucent lower PTFE acoustic ceiling fixed below the lower chords of the steel structure and on the side walls of the inner ring.

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