A Different Perspective On Metropolis Architecture


Architect i.m. Pei once said, “Architecture is a form of social art”.

Every metropolitan building shoulders the mission of the times, pays tribute to the characters of the times with its own splendor, tells the prosperity of the times in the past, and stands as a city landmark, dialoguing with the world.A Different Perspective On Metropolis Architecture

Every city has its own architecture of the era.

Architecture, as the most intuitive expression of human’s use of nature and the transformation of the world, not only carries the survival of mankind, but also divides the space of the city with the evolution of civilization.

Every city, by a building of skyscrapers standing to create a new skyline, changing the face of the times. Like the internationally famous metropolis of manhattan, as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, the magnificent architectural complexes are attracting attention, and the skyscrapers next to central park are unique architectural art to become the city of new york’s label.

Likewise, wanda sports new city, located in the core of dalian’s northward advancement, draws the blueprint of epoch-making sports habitat, integrates the metropolitan architectural style into the growth of the city, presents the cutting-edge habitat of the times, represents the life height and spiritual symbol of the city, and becomes the benchmark of dalian’s habitat in dialogue with the world.

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