Mercedes-Benz Arena

Irregular Curtain Wall Shows Infinite Vitality, 36.5-Ton Giant Eagle Becomes Engineering MarvelMercedes-Benz Arena

Mercedes-benz stadium is a stadium set up by mercedes-benz in atlanta for the atlanta falcons soccer team, which also looks like a flying falcon, and will also be the home of the atlanta football club. The atlanta falcons will move into the $1.5 billion mercedes-benz stadium next season, with mercedes-benz agreeing to pay the falcons $345 million over 30 years for the naming rights. The stadium, which will cost an enormous amount of money, represents the future direction of stadium construction in the united states.

The mercedes-benz stadium proposal creates both an extraordinary game day experience for fans and an iconic landmark for the entire city. The retractable roof of the mercedes-benz stadium features very individual design elements, rather than a roof that is traditionally designed with only practical functions in mind. This roof is a disruptive change from the movable roofs found on other sports facilities.

Inspired by the shape of a falcon’s wings, the project team adapted the shape of the atlanta falcons’ team logo to the roof design, resulting in the eight triangular metal panels that now enclose the stadium and move in unison along each track. This design allows the roof to open and close like a camera aperture. The colors on the facade can easily change depending on the external light. In addition to the metal roof, the stadium’s facade features a large glass curtain wall, all in a large irregular form, which provides the entire stadium with infinite energy and reflects the unusual attitude of being a sports venue.

The interior of the stadium provides an immersive, technology-driven game day experience for fans. Fans have a wide range of seats to choose from, with different ticket prices, viewing angles, service levels and amenity levels depending on location. A 360° high-definition halo display is mounted on the roof, so fans in any seat can see the display clearly. Other amenities in the stadium include a technology lounge, a 100-yard bar and floor-to-ceiling windows with views of downtown atlanta. Mercedes-benz stadium has the flexibility to quickly adjust to the size of games needed by atlanta united (which holds the rights to host the city’s first division soccer league). Movable seating around the athletic field brings fans closer to the action of a soccer or football game. Digital media platforms laid out throughout the stadium provide teams and sponsors with more flexible opportunities to display targeted editorial content on game day.

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Mercedes-Benz Arena

In addition, there is another engineering marvel worth mentioning in the stadium, and that is the 36.5-ton stainless steel beast placed at the east entrance of the stadium. The beast is an eagle with a huge size, standing at a height of 12.49 meters and a wingspan width of 20.7 meters, the falcon clings to a bronze soccer, it has sharp and fierce eyes, and its whole body is covered with sharp not steel plates like daggers that seem to be able to designer gabor miklos szoke created the sculpture in his studio in budapest, hungary. It was then laser cut into 1,000 stainless steel plates of varying sizes into four containers, shipped more than 8,000 miles to savannah, georgia, and then shipped to atlanta for assembly. Already the new home of the atlanta falcons and atlanta united, mercedes-benz stadium will soon be home to the world’s largest free-standing bird sculpture, and the giant drink will also become an iconic feature of mercedes-benz stadium.  stadium iconic symbol.

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