Construction Technology For Tensioned Trusses In Sports Stadium Projects

The roof of a stadium project consists of 10 bays of tension chord trusses with a height of 15.1 m and a truss span of 149.7 m x 141.6 m. The construction steps of the tension chord trusses are mainly introduced, and finite element calculation analysis and on-site monitoring are carried out for various working conditions in the construction process […]

Camp Nou Stadium Upgraded To 5G Stadium

5G to transform eSports 5G is set to transform not only the traditional event experience but also eSports, with Telefónica and Movistar Riders hosting the “Movistar Riders on 5G” event at MWC 2019, the first European exhibition on 5G and eSports. “, the first European exhibition on 5G and eSports. During the demonstration, the Movistar Riders “Call of Duty” professional […]