Problems And Solutions In The Process Of Stadium Lighting Construction

In recent years, the country around the construction of stadiums, stadium construction of an important part of the stadium lighting, the development level of the various construction parties, good and bad. Today, the editor summed up in recent years in the stadium lighting project design, construction and acceptance of the experience, should solve the following aspects of the problem and […]

Construction Technology Of Tensioned Truss For Stadium Project

The roof of a sports complex is composed of 10 joists of 15.1 meters high with a span of 149.7m×141.6m, which mainly introduces the construction steps of joist and carries out finite element calculation and analysis and on-site monitoring for various working conditions in the construction process to ensure safety, reliability and fine quality of roof steel structure construction. Don’t […]

Crack Control In Stadium Mass Concrete

Main technical difficulties of crack control measures Exterior wall and slab structures do not have expansion joints and have a thick protective layer, so concrete must meet early and late cracking requirements. The base slab and pile abutment are large in thickness and pouring volume, which is a large volume concrete, so it is necessary to solve the problems of […]