What To Consider For Small And Medium Indoor Basketball Court Construction

Outline design reference Medium-sized stadiums should adopt fully encircled stands, the stadium’s architectural shape should be oval, round or long octagonal, and single-sided sheds should not be made into odd shapes as far as possible. And small sports venues are appropriate to set up half of the bleachers, the building shape is rectangular or C-type, the podium all shed, bleachers […]

How Much Do You Know About Sports Flooring

Sports field flooring is the surface layer of a field that can meet the requirements of friction, protection, marking, color, reflective and other characteristics required for sports events. According to the level of sports competition, the degree of applicability, the level of investment, and the long-term planning development trend of the facility by the owner, various types of sports field […]

Strategies And Methods For Movement-Centered Building Design

It is well known that people spend at least 80 per cent of their time in indoor spaces throughout the day. The built environment provides people with the convenience of living, working and resting, and at the same time, it also subconsciously influences people’s behavior, movement and body posture. For fat loss and sports related buildings, there is no better […]

Silicone Pu Ground Sports Field Construction 5 Points

The sports ground is a field used for sports exercise or competition, which is used more frequently in daily life. The sports ground can be divided into: concrete ground, wooden ground, plastic ground and silicon PU ground according to the ground material. Don’t you feel that the construction of these sports fields is amazing? If you are interested in the […]

Ice And Snow Sports Tourism Architecture And Landscape

Ice and snow sports tourism architecture and landscape Architectural Design Features Cultural ice and snow sports tourism architecture in the architectural landscape performance, the need to integrate with the characteristics of the various nationalities of the building, both to meet the needs of tourists, but also to express regional characteristics. It is based on the local geographic and cultural environment […]

How to optimize a construction blog site

We know that backlink is good for a construction blog website ranking, but some low quality backlink is not good for website ranking, so you must publish some high quality links if you want to have good results in website ranking. We are a professional construction blog, so a good link must have some relationship with the construction. Then someone […]

Sports Center – Combination Of Wood And Concrete Design

Mecanoo and Metaform Architects have won a competition to design a new Velodrome and Sports Complex in Mondorf-les-Bains, Luxembourg. Sited in the countryside outside the city, the project was designed as a destination for recreation. The new project will include a new national velodrome with an aquatic centre, multisport hall and climbing wall. The design aims to be a sporting […]

Sports Architecture Today And Tomorrow

As public buildings, they need to be built from the perspective of society, life and the city, so that the “shell” of the building blends into the atmosphere of the surrounding buildings. Different architects have different perspectives, and architects need to have an engineering capacity to integrate complex professional systems, conduct in-depth research on various aspects, and control the details […]